Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am absolutely crazy about spices, seeing as I put spices on any food I can reach. This includes frozen peaches, Black Forest Ham, Colby Jack Cheese, mashed potatoes(I think I put about ten spices in them, making it taste nasty), and many other random foods. Here are a few photos of some spices in our kitchen. Hmm. The computer is being difficult, such as not letting me type the names of yonder herbs and spices above or under the photos. :( I'll just post them right here....

1. Mace

2. Cumin

3. Crushed Cloves

4. Mustard Powder
5. Arrowroot
6. Chili Powder
7. Fennel Seeds
8. Chipotle
9.Tarragon Leaves

10. Brown Sugar

11. Smoked Paprika
12. Rosemary
13. Dried Mexican Oregano

14. Dill weed

15. Red Pepper Flakes

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