Thursday, March 21, 2013

Birds, baby birds, and more birds!

It's that time of the year when your nine parakeets start to breed and hatch six eggs, and five more eggs get laid. I think that I can say with certainty that we have too many parakeets, however adorable they are when they are chicks. Speaking of the adorableness of them, here are some cute pictures(I hope they're cute to you, it could be that they're my own birds that I think them so cute) of them. 

The first baby of my bird Banana's clutch of eggs, Evergreen, of whom we got to observe its hatching.
This is Evergreen a few weeks after the first picture, my star pupil at posing for pictures; he/she actually stays still for more that three seconds!
My brother named this one, the second eldest, Zaphod, from the book "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Zaphod rarely stays still, as you can see here, he's(I think it's a 'he') preening, and if he isn't doing that, he's either a) trying to hide in my hair, or b) running around the room and exploring every nook and corner. 
Evergreen is so photogenic. 
The mighty King/Queen Evergreen surveys his/her kingdom from under his/her/ nobley large beak with pleasure.
These are all of Banana's babies. From top to bottom: Zaphod, Pascal (third eldest), the rump of Unnamed Baby no. 1 (we didn't want to name it because we were going to sell it and didn't want to get too attached to it), Evergreen, and in the bottom left is Unnamed Baby no. 2, the youngest out of the five birds.  
Unnamed Baby no. 2 sits quietly, and mildly confusedly. 
Unnamed Baby no. 2 getting sent back to its mother, Banana.
Zaphod makes a run for the nesting box while my sister places Unnamed Baby no. 2 back in the nesting box.
Like I said, Evergreen is so photogenic. 
A jumbled heap of Evergreen, Zaphod and Pascal, all trying to hide under the cover of their parents' cage.
I believe this is our yellow bird Faith's baby, who also doesn't have a name for the same reason as Unnamed Babies no. 1 and 2.